Introducing the Affectiva Emotion SDK (Affdex)

We are surrounded by highly-connected smart devices, interactive digital experiences and artificial intelligence. Yet, technology is not able to sense, analyze and adapt to human emotions. At Affectiva, we have made it our mission to bring emotional intelligence to the digital world. To make this mission a reality, we have created the Affdex SDK so that others can bring emotion sensing and analytics to their own offerings, be it digital experiences, apps, games, devices, or other technologies.

Using our SDK, developers can now enrich digital experiences and apps by detecting emotion. Devices can now instantly respond to a user’s unfiltered emotions, and apps can adjust their interfaces and flow to better suit moods. This makes for a more authentic, interactive, and unique experience.

With the Affdex SDK you can:

  • Detect and track human faces in an image.
  • Measure and track facial expressions of emotion in real time.
  • Track 20 highly nuanced facial expressions in real time.
  • Recognize aspects of physical appearance such as a person’s gender and whether they’re wearing glasses.
  • Identify 13 emoji expressions from posed faces.
  • Ensure your app users’ privacy–no videos or images are sent to our cloud for analysis.

Build apps for the web, desktop and mobile:


Getting Started

  1. Download the SDK
    Choose the programming language and the platform, and download the SDK binaries or add them to your project.

  2. Study the documentation
    Check out the platforms section and the class docs.
  3. View the sample code
    Check out the sample applications posted on our github repositories.
    Use them as examples of how to use the SDK and build on them.

SDK Pricing

Currently we offer a 45 day evaluation to help developers get started using the SDK. Beyond the end of the evaluation period:

  • Basic Free License The SDKs are free for use in personal and open source projects and for companies generating less than $1,000,000 in yearly revenue.

  • Enterprise License For companies generating $1,000,000 or more in yearly revenue. Please contact our sales team for more information about getting an enterprise license.

Try out Emotion AI apps

AffdexMe is an open source application that demonstrates the use of the Affdex SDK. It uses the camera connected to your device to view, process and analyze live video of your face. Start the app and you will see your own face on the screen, and metrics describing your facial expression of emotion.

Download on your device

Emotion-enabled YouTube is an open source web application that uses the javascript SDK to track users emotion while browsing YouTube videos.

Try out now using your browser

And then some more

About our Emotion AI Technology

The Affdex SDK is built on Affectiva’s industry-leading patented science. It’s designed to analyze spontaneous facial expressions that people show in their daily interactions. The highly accurate emotion recognition algorithms (classifiers) have been trained and tested using Affectiva’s massive emotion data repository—the world’s largest emotion database with more than 3.2 million faces from 75 countries analyzed, amounting to over 12 billion emotion data points. Designed for developer ease-of-use, processing of the emotion data is on-device (no cloud round trip), and the library is lightweight and fast to support a small memory footprint and real-time processing.

We are excited that you are using our Affdex SDK. We are passionate about bringing emotional intelligence to the digital world, and look forward to seeing what amazing new apps and digital experiences you will emotion-enable using our technology.

We are always interested in promoting and marketing new solutions built with our SDK. Just send us a note at if you would like to share with us what you are working on.