The indices of the elements in the face points array correspond to specific locations on a face. Please see the table below for an explanation of the locations corresponding to each index.

Index Point on face Index Point on face
0 Right Top Jaw 17 Inner Right Eye
1 Right Jaw Angle 18 Inner Left Eye
2 Tip of Chin 19 Outer Left Eye
3 Left Jaw Angle 20 Right Lip Corner
4 Left Top Jaw 21 Right Apex Upper Lip
5 Outer Right Brow Corner 22 Upper Lip Center
6 Right Brow Center 23 Left Apex Upper Lip
7 Inner Right Brow Corner 24 Left Lip Corner
8 Inner Left Brow Corner 25 Left Edge Lower Lip
9 Left Brow Center 26 Lower Lip Center
10 Outer Left Brow Corner 27 Right Edge Lower Lip
11 Nose Root 28 Bottom Upper Lip
12 Nose Tip 29 Top Lower Lip
13 Nose Lower Right Boundary 30 Upper Corner Right Eye
14 Nose Bottom Boundary 31 Lower Corner Right Eye
15 Nose Lower Left Boundary 32 Upper Corner Left Eye
16 Outer Right Eye 33 Lower Corner Left Eye