AffdexMe is an open source application that demonstrates the use of the Affdex SDK. It uses the camera connected to your device to view, process and analyze live video of your face. Start the app and you will see your own face on the screen, and metrics describing your facial expression of emotion.



EmoSurvival is an emotion-enabled version of the “Nightmares” game from Unity’s survival shooter tutorial. Our enhancements to the original “Nightmares” game cause it to pause when the player turns away (or covers the camera), and has the monsters interact with the player’s character based on the player’s emotional state.


Unity-chan is a character that Unity freely licenses to people. Unity-chan Emotion Mimicry has the character mimic the expressions of the user. When the camera cannot detect any faces Unity-chan is surrounded by fog. The fog clears when a face is found.

Threaten the Guard

Threaten the Guard is an Affectiva demo of the RPG scenario of threatening a guard in order to enter a castle. Once the guard sees you press the “Threaten” button and see if you can use show an emotion that scares the guard.