SDK Developer Guide Release 3.2

Using the SDK

The purpose of the SDK is to detect facial expressions and their underlying emotions, appearance and emojis from facial images.

Watch the video tutorial below to help you get started on how to use the SDK:

Getting started

1. Add the Affdex API to your project
<script src=""/>
2. Capture and analyze faces

Facial images can be captured from different sources. For each of the different sources, the SDK defines a detector class that can handle processing images acquired from that source:

3. Check out sample applications on GitHub

Sample applications for processing videos, and connecting to the camera are available for cloning on our GitHub repository.

Requirements & Dependencies

  • Processor, 2 GHz
  • RAM, 1 GB
Supported browsers

The following browsers are supported on desktop platforms. Mobile browser support is planned for a future release.

  • Chrome 51 or higher
  • Firefox 47 or higher
  • Opera 37
  • Edge 10586