Joey earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience developing therapeutics and doing biomarker discovery for neurodegenerative disorders. While in grad school, smartphones were coming out, and he realized there were amazing opportunities developing for using technology to address neurological conditions for both health monitoring and treatments. He thought games in particular were really interesting, since with mobile technology more people were “becoming gamers” than ever before. He became interested in using games to promote health and wellbeing, so within a few years after earning his Ph.D., he decided to also become a mobile game developer.

At first, Joey wasn’t sure how many people really shared his vision for marrying neuroscience and gaming, but he soon became heavily involved in the Boston game development community, and ended up seeing . Ned Sahin of Brain Power present at a meetup for the Boston Virtual Reality group. Given Joey’s background includes neuroscience, therapeutic development, biomarker discovery, machine learning, data science, and mobile game development, he saw many ways in which he could contribute to this endeavor.

Joey has a background in machine learning and image analysis, and thus has a lot of respect for the work put into building and perfecting Affectiva’s platform. As someone interested in mental health and wellbeing, he can see many applications and is excited to take part in exploring them further with Affectiva’s support.

What’s on Joey’s project list? “All sorts of things — we’re working on expanding a lot of work with emotion recognition. The more I get a chance to think and plan, the more ideas we start developing. There’s certainly no end to what we can do with this technology now that we’ve gotten started.”